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President Trump's cabinet choices put

low-income people at risk

President Trump's education and HHS nominees have been narrowly confirmed

despite concerns from policy experts as well as millions of Americans. In a

historically close vote, Vice President Mike Pence broke a 50-50 tie to confirm

Betsy DeVos as secretary of education. Tom Price's margin was similarly narrow

(52-47). DeVos and Price have taken troubling policy positions that imperil

anti-poverty programs like Pell, Medicaid, child care assistance, and TANF.

Statement on Betsy DeVos

Statement on Tom Price

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Block-granting Medicaid would reduce

access to health care

Following the 2016 election, policymakers began earnest discussions about

block-granting Medicaid. This restructuring of Medicaid financing, which is

completely unnecessary, would undermine state budgets and reduce access to

health care. In a new report, CLASP draws on lessons learned from TANF and

CCDBG to demonstrate how block grants would hurt Medicaid.

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Stand for Something

Realizing Youth Justice: Guiding Principles in

the Trump Era

A new report from CLASP provides guiding principles for advancing youth justice in

an increasingly challenging political climate. The new Administration has vowed to

accelerate failed policy ideas that would deepen the impacts of mass incarceration and

halt nationwide efforts to implement reform. That's why strong advocacy is more

important than ever. To learn what you can do to help realize youth justice, read our

guiding principles.

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CLASP translates complex policies into

concrete change for low-income people

Policy Opportunities

CLASP is driving important policy change that helps poor and low-income people, including expanding access to post secondary education and workforce training; improving jobs through paid leave and fair scheduling; providing affordable, high-quality child care and early education; increasing education and employment for youth of color; and strengthening programs to help meet basic needs.


CLASP is a national, nonpartisan, anti-poverty nonprofit advancing policy solutions for low-income people. Working at the federal, state, and local levels, we develop practical yet visionary strategies for reducing poverty, promoting economic security, and addressing barriers faced by people of color. We combine a wide range of strategies for maximum impact, including two-generation approaches.

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Clasp_WOAI_logoAbout WIOA Opportunities for Action

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) can help low-income, low-skilled workers overcome barriers to education and employment. CLASP’s Game Plan breaks down what you need to know to implement the law, advocate effectively with decision makers, and help families and individuals climb the economic ladder.

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CLASP’s custom, easy-to-use tool provides select demographic and administrative data on programs that affect low-income families and individuals.

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